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“I watched my son go from having an interest in an instrument to being a musician who is passionate about music.” – Beth Tubbs

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Welcome to Bartell Music Academy

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Let me be the first to welcome you to the Bartell Music Academy.

Since 2003 we have helped hundreds of students begin and continue on their musical journey.

We offer a variety of options from band experience, variety of performance opportunities in addition to online and in person private music lessons on piano, accordion, violin, ukulele, voice, bass, guitar and drums. – All in one location!

While you are here researching the best school for you or your child, please consider the 10 benefits of becoming a student of Bartell Music Academy and find out why the Academy is the best choice for your family.

Patricia Bartell

CEO and Owner

“All the instructors at the studio are awesome! They make you feel welcome and very much ‘at home;’ it’s a comfortable, caring environment. No matter what your age, if you really want to learn how to play piano, this is the place to go.” – Kelly Osborn

Private Online Music Lessons Available

Booking a Trial Lesson Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: Fill out the Lesson Form below (keep scrolling)

Step 2: We’ll contact you to learn more about the student and their music goals and then pair the student with an instructor that fits best the goals and desires of the student

All our friendly teachers have either a degree in music or significant teaching and/or performance experience.

Step 3: We’ll help you schedule your lessons at a convenient time that works for you.

What is Included with Music Lessons?

Weekly Private Music Lessons (In Person or Online)

Private Music Lessons for beginners are 30 minutes long, once a week, at the same time each week. Music lessons are prepaid for a month at a time. You can cancel anytime within that same month. No long contracts. Music lessons are month-to-month.

Repertoire Challenge Achievement

During lessons, students are given small milestones to reach and celebrate along the way. These milestones give them achievable wins that keep them going and encourage their progress. If students don’t prioritize what needs to be done and create those small goals to reach and celebrate on the journey to the big goal, they lose interest in music. Our Repertoire Challenge is one of the tools we use to help them set goals and celebrate their wins! We love teaching students the value of prioritizing and giving them the milestones to hit until they can choose and plan out their own milestones and reach them successfully. It’s those small wins, strategically planned and executed, that motivate them to keep going; but more importantly, celebrating who they become in the process of achieving those set goals.

Winter Gala Recital at the Martin Woldson Theater at the FOX

Each year, Bartell Music Academy offers two recitals that are optional and free for students and their families. One recital is in July and one during the winter. The biggest event of the year is our Winter Gala Recital, held in December at the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. This fun event is FREE to students, parents and friends.


Quarterly Themed Talent Shows

Once-a-month, all of our students are invited to join our themed Talent Shows via ZOOM!

Our quarterly Academy Talent Show opens up opportunities for students to play for each other and support each other.

In addition, they learn tips and tricks about dealing with performance nerves straight from our director, Patricia Bartell, who is an award-winning international artist and has performed around the globe both as a soloist and with many well-known classical artists and symphonies.

Student Music Journal

Every student receives their own personalized Student Music Journal as a student of Bartell Music Academy.

Their teacher will fill their music journal with assignment sheets, sheet music and other extra-curricular resources such as rhythm and sight reading material that will help them along their musical journey.

And as a parent you will always know what your child is supposed to be practicing every week!

Academy Band Opportunity

Once students reach a basic knowledge of their instrument, they are invited to join one of the Bartell Music Academy Bands.

They learn to play music together, make friends, and even produce their own music videos!

Each band has their own unique name and style of music they choose together with their band teacher.

We understand that as much as students love starting music in the beginning, having their own friends along the music journey is really fun, encouraging, and helps keep them playing music for the long term.

“I appreciate the Bartell Music Academy for the talent and diversity of the teachers and the camaraderie with them and the other students. The Academy presents opportunities to work toward competition or play just for fun. Whether you are a teen or a retiree, there is a place for you to have fun while you learn. I am living proof that the Bartell Music Academy teaching method REALLY WORKS! It has not only helped me to play more interesting and complex music, it has increased my appreciation for the versatility of the accordion.” – Diane Guffin

Recap of Everything You Get With Our Monthly Music Education Package

Weekly, half-hour Private Lessons with one of our amazing instructors! (In person or via Zoom)

Student Music Journal

Weekly Assignment Sheets

Private Online Community for students & instructors

Repertoire Challenge Award Opportunities

Frequent Talent Show Opportunities via Zoom


Academy Band Opportunities

Two Recitals per year

(including the Winter Gala Recital)

Looking for lessons that are longer than a half-hour?

We can do that! Just ask!

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“I saw the results first in my granddaughter. She came out of her first lesson able to play a complete song! So did I!” – Pam McVay

We have the honor of teaching amazing students!

“I love my teacher. He finds ways to help me “get it” and supports my efforts every week.” – Michelle Egan

“The Bartell Music method taught me two songs after just one lesson. Felt pretty accomplished.”- Lynn Dwyer

“My biggest concern was that they would have me practicing endless scales and never really playing music! From the beginning, they had me playing “great lively and fun songs” and emphasizing artistic impression. Not just playing notes! They were teaching me music and I was playing the accordion!” – Dale Johnson

“The method used by Bartell Music Academy has been so encouraging. I had assumed that piano lessons would be much more stressful than they have been. Bartell Music Academy has made learning music fundamentals natural and stress-free.” – Joshua Miller

“Bartell Music Academy is a great place to learn because they teach you in a manner that will help you learn to play. They don’t teach generically so that you have to conform to the teaching methods, but rather the instruction is tailored to your needs.” ~Ricardo Hernández

“I enjoy playing musical instruments—If I had the time, I would take the piano, accordion, ukulele, and guitar lessons at this Academy! Nothing like the drill sergeant styled lessons I grew up with. Not only do the teachers know you can learn to play- they adapt their teaching to your learning style.” – Deborah Johnston

“My biggest concern about taking piano lessons was that I wasn’t good enough. While I do tend to be hard on myself, I grew so much in so little time that this statement (concern) seems ridiculous. I am proud of the effect of lessons from Bartell Music Academy on my piano skills.” – Jack Bross

“Quality teachers. Tailor teaching to students’ learning styles. They are just the best. I have been taking lessons for about 10 years with these folks. I can not praise them enough.” – Marcia Lydiksen

“I have a very nice teacher, she is very funny and I learned so much since I started my lessons. I like the way she teaches me.” – Emil Haroldsen

“I’m currently taking music lessons from Bartell Music Academy and am absolutely amazed at my progress and success in only a short amount of time. The teachers there truly care for their students and work hard to make them feel comfortable and have fun playing music. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to receive fun, simple, and rewarding music lessons.” – Maya Phipps

“My favorite part of my lessons is the speed in which I’m learning to play, I could play a song the very first week and add something every lesson.” – Kelly Corson

“Great experienced teachers. Fun lessons.” – Holden Tubbs

Get it from parents who have enrolled their child with us.

“I watched my son go from having an interest in an instrument to being a musician who is passionate about music.” – Beth Tubbs

“I appreciate Bartell Music Academy’s method of teaching for my son Emil. He loves to play and he always looks forward to his lessons.” – Kasia Haroldsen

“I have found their program to be the perfect tool to teach my young granddaughters how to play and enjoy music in a relatively short period of time.” – Deb Thrash

“Large-group school music programs left my girls feeling lost, and their enthusiasm for music faltered. Bartell Music Academy’s innovative approach jumped immediately into the joy of making beautiful music. This method created a foundation that has them feeling excited to practice, mastering increasingly challenging pieces with ease and performing with confidence. Though there are lessons available closer to our North Spokane home, we drive the extra miles every week to get there, because it’s worth it!” – Olivia Dugan

“My 16 year old daughter has loved taking lessons at Bartell Music Academy, and she has been a student here since the Academy first opened. I have seen her grow in all areas of musicianship and was so impressed by her enthusiasm and progress, that I am now taking lessons myself!” – Anne Cvancara

“Absolutely the best place to get piano lessons. I wish our older kids had this type of program when learning piano. They would have learned better and liked it more.” – Jeannette Dutton

“Great people, sincerely involved in spreading joy through the music.” – Sally Hetland

“Patricia is an excellent teacher and her program is so unique. It works really well for my daughter and makes it fun. I love the program.” – Katy Brown

“Bartell Music Academy has been a wonderful place for my daughter to learn piano for the past 4 years. If you are looking for a place to learn music I highly recommend Bartell Music Academy.” – Ann Mires

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