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Vol. 1 • No. 9 • September 2018

Starting in October!

Baby Music Classes

Ages 0-1 with parent or caregiver

Babies instinctively
react to music! In these interactive Baby & Me classes, parents and babies learn delightful rhymes, lullabies, floor and lap games, action songs, and dances that stimulate your baby’s natural response to music.

Watch as your child’s language skills increase through singing and vocal play.

Timeline: 8 Weeks (8 classes)

Class length: 45 minutes

Price: $15 per class

Total: $120

Toddler Music Classes

Ages 2-3 with parent or caregiver

In this toddler class, toddler and parent learn delightful songs, dances, and musical activities that focus on singing and keeping a

beat to enhance timing, coordination, listening, and language skills. Percussion instruments are used, as well as puppets, stories and colorful props to make this a very special music time.

Share this time with your toddler while singing and dancing to your favorite songs, old and new!

Timeline: 8 weeks (8 classes)

Class length: 45 minutes

Price: $15 per class

Total: $120

Kids Music Classes

Ages 4-5 with parent or caregiver

The young child and parent will sing, dance and play instruments in this class. Solo singing is encouraged to develop listening, pitch matching, and language skills. Concepts such as high and low, soft and loud, up and down are taught in

a game-like atmosphere. Puppets, felts and props add to the special music- making experience. This class is a great steppingstone toward preparing your child for private music lessons.

Timeline: 8 weeks (8 classes)

Class length: 45 minutes

Price: $15 per class

Total: $120

Coming in October!

You are invited to a one night only concert by 7x World Accordion Champion Grayson Masefield from New Zealand. You’ll hear Chopin, Bach and modern music that isn’t typically heard on accordion. Grayson’s virtuosic technique and impeccable artistry is breath-taking.



Classical and contemporary music

by a master of the accordion.


Sunday, October 28th, 2018


Tickets $20 at the door

or purchase in advance at Bartell Music Academy.

LOCATION: Bartell Music Academy

418 E. Pacific Ave. Spokane WA

(509) 998-5422

Student of the Month

I am a third year student and passionate about everything accordion. I strive to practice two hours a day, six days a week. I am currently in level 3, including sight reading and rhythm exercises. The seventh day is my weekly one- hour private lesson. I keep a spreadsheet to track my practice time.

My new hobby is learning accordion restoration and repair. This winter I plan to start a second practice session to branch out and learn additional songs. My ultimate goal is to play our favorite songs with my wife.

Happy Birthday!

Mae L.

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Vikki H.

Parker D.

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Grace G.

Welcome New Students!

Ethan C.

Matthew B.

Cynthia B.

Hannah D.

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Lesley W.

Gavin M.

Jackson H.

Marla L.

The Importance of Music For Young Children

By Melodie Cannon

MToddler Music Classesusic has been proven to be extremely beneficial for young children in their developmental skills. Music connects the body to the brain, enabling the two to work together in sync. This can improve a child’s motor, social, emotional, intellectual, language, and literacy skills, as well as learning sounds and the meanings of words during their early development.

Young infants can recognize melodies before they can understand or form words of their own. Young children, especially toddlers, enjoy songs that are silly or relatable to them in their learning and vocabulary. Toddlers also love songs involving movement of their bodies, as well as repetition.

“What a tragedy it would be if we lived in a world where music was not taught to children.” — H. Norman Schwarzkoph

The Read Your Newsletter Contest

Every month you’ll have a chance to win a fun prize just for reading the newsletter!

This month ask your teacher how old they were

when they started music lessons.

Then enter your answer with your name at the front desk.

August 4, 2020

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