Attn: Spokane Parents!

Is Your Kid Home-Bound and Need Something Fun To Do?

FREE 2-Week ONLINE Piano Challenge with Bartell Music Academy!

No previous musical experience needed! Fun, FREE and Rewarding!

(Watch the video below for more info)

During this fun & easy Free ONLINE Piano Challenge, your child will...

Learn the Basics + 3 Great Songs!

Learn 3 complete songs that they will be proud to play for anyone! These are sophisticaetd great-sounding pieces.

Spend Time Learning A New Skill

While home-bound, this is a great time to take on something new and have some fun!  Music involves the whole brain and total focus which helps during difficult times.

Be Entered for the Grand Prize

At the end of the challenge, students that upload a video of themselves playing their 3 new pieces will be entered to win the Grand Prize…one month of private lessons at Bartell Music Academy.

What Students And Parents Say About Bartell Music Academy

ABOUT the Director of Bartell Music Academy

Patricia Bartell is an award-winning concert artist, teacher and online educator who teaches people how to use the power of music to transform their lives. She has helped hundreds of students discover and develop their musical edge, overcome limiting mindsets and perform with confidence and conviction.

A graduate of Whitworth University with B.A. degrees in Music Education and Performance, Patricia has studied under Dr. Judith Schoepflin, Kendall Feeney of the Golandsky Institute and world-renown teacher Frederic Deschamps. Her performances—individual, ensemble and with other artists—continue to receive high reviews.

ABOUT the Instructor for the Piano Challenge

Yev Nosov has been an instructor for Bartell Music Academy for the past 8 years.

Born in Belarus, Yev Nosov moved to America at age 4 and began his musical journey at age 11.  In 2008, Yev started formal training with Patricia Bartell of Bartell Music Academy.

Yev’s has also studied with world renown teacher Frederic Deschamps in France.  He’s played in various orchestras and helped run one of the young bands: “The Portatos.”   Yev has competed in various competitions including the 2012 Trophy of USA in the CMA Trophée Mondial.

Yev also teaches via Skype all styles of music from Classical to Techno.  He also teaches composition, improvisations, and reading chord charts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use A Keyboard?

You can use a keyboard, a piano or even a Piano APP.

How Much Does This Cost?

This Online Piano Challenge is completely FREE.  We want to help keep kids engaged in music during this time of being home-bound.

We just heard about this, can we still join?

Yes, you can still join until we close the challenge on April 11, 2020.  Grand Prize winner will be announced April 11, 2020.

How do we qualify for the Grand Prize?

Each participant that submits a video of them playing all three songs are automatically entered in the drawing for the Grand Prize which is one month of private lessons.

Who can join the Piano Challenge?

Anyone ages 8-18 can join the challenge.

Do we need to purchase anything to be in this challenge?

No.  You just need a keyboard, piano or download a free piano app in order to participate.

What happens after the challenge?

All participants are welcome to join any free challenges that Bartell Music Academy offers in the future.  If a participant wants to continue learning the piano, we also offer private lessons they can take.

What are the dates for the Piano Challenge? 

The dates are March 30-April 11.  Anyone can join during those dates.  On April 11, the Grand Prize winner will be announced.

Have more questions?

Email: support@bartellmusicacademy.com or call (509) 998-5422